An Introduction to Waterfront Living in Wisconsin
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Welcome to Mike's Waterfront Living Area!

An Introduction to Living on Wisconsin's Lakes and Rivers

This is Realtor Michael Kwiatkowski's guide to owning a home on Wisconsin's lakes and rivers.  Please read this introduction at your leisure and be sure to visit the other informational pages.  If you are relocating and are unfamiliar with the area, please continue but be sure to see Realtor Mike Kwiatkowski's Relocation page by clicking here.

Boating and Fishing Regulations
Most waterfront homeowners enjoy activities on the water.  However, activities that include a boat or personal watercraft are subject to all applicable laws and regulations.  Please click here to review a page which explains important Wisconsin boating regulations.

DNR and Other Important Regulations for Waterfront Homeowners
Waterfront Homeowners face unique restrictions that other homeowners do not face. According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), these restrictions are to "preserve, protect, manage and maintain the natural resources of the state."  The DNR has the ability to set and to enforce its policies and enforcement actions against violators are notoriously severe.

A special page exists specifically to help homeowners with these issues.  Topics (in order of presentation) include:
  1. Open burning regulations;
  2. Agricultural runoff;
  3. Floodplains;
  4. Wetlands;
  5. Waterway and wetland activities that may require a permit;
    • There are over 30 separate activities listed under this heading!
  6. Waterfront Landowner Frequently Asked Questions;
  7. Waterfront Construction Contractor Frequently Asked Questions;
  8. Wisconsin DNR Water Management Specialists by County.
All waterfront homeowners are encouraged to review this information.  Prospective waterfront homeowners are especially encouraged to review Wisconsin's laws and regulations prior to submitting an offer.  You may review those laws and regulations by clicking here.

Michael Kwiatkowski looks forward to exceeding your expectations.  Please click here to begin a conversation with Realtor Mike Kwiatkowski today.

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